About Us:

Since 2018, Contessa Commodities (CTC) has been acting as the necessary link within the Renewable Energy Markets to facilitate deal creation, offering efficient execution and liquidity when it is needed most and for market players, in order to ensure and achieve their voluntary and compliance emission targets.

Using our extensive network of relationships amongst both producers and suppliers relating to the full supply chain of renewable green commoditites, allows us to offer fair and competitive prices to our clients.

Contessa Commodities is mainly active within the European and Asian, followed by the Middle Eastern, African and North American markets, offering transparency along the whole way and following each deal until it has been successfully executed. 

By analysing Markets on a daily basis in order to identify unique opportunities, CTC provides up-to-date pricing and info for our customers in order to help achieve their goals and needs, in the ever growing and expanding Green Energy Market. 

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