Contessa Commodities is a brokerage and consultancy company specialising in commercial transactions for the Global Renewable Energy and Commodities Markets.


Working together with market leaders, we use our unique market insight, expertise and strong relationships to help distribute energy products around the world and to help our clients control their supply chain, prices as well as aiding in market risk management.

Our Mission

Our Vision

“ Fostering growth and success for our clients by always putting their business first, each and every time.”


We believe our success depends on our clients' success, and so we continue to drive towards that goal each day.

“ To become the most reliable and trustworthy partner for our clients: always dependable, always committed, always there.”


We endeavour to achieve the best in all that we do, to provide exceptional service and service all our past, current, and future clients.



What We Do?

Contessa Commodities creates the necessary links within the Renewable Energy Markets to facilitate deal creation and execution for our clients, offering efficient execution and liquidity when it is needed most. 

Our Key Strengths

  • Extensive network of contacts amongst both producers and suppliers relating to the full supply chain of renewable fuels allowing us to ensure fair and competitive prices.

  • Highly motivated and experienced team focused on helping our clients achieve their goals. 

  • International team which understands local markets in order to offer out-of-the-box solutions that can benefit our clients. 

  • Close relationships with logistics providers to offer our partners the solutions needed to execute transactions.

  • Strong knowledge of the products, their prices, unique characteristics and considerations.

  • Transparency along the whole way and following each deal until it has been successfully executed. 

How Do We Do It?

  • Daily Analysis of Markets in order to identify opportunities, provide up-to-date pricing and intel to our customers.

  • Constantly looking at expanding CTC's network of trusted buyers, sellers and service providers.

  • Clarity of execution by our clients in direct contact with each other in order to finalize deals and transactions.

  • Following up on all our transactions and maintaining ownership of administrative responsibilities from deal start to finish.

  • Taking the time to know our clients in order to offer possible improvements in supply chain solutions, including stock management optimization and forecasting.

  • Working cooperatively with logistics providers to stay update to date with the latest and most cost-effective solutions.

  • Offering ad-hoc support wherever possible for our clients whatever the requirement, allowing us to maintain our reputation in the marketplace as the partner for economically beneficial and time saving transactions between counterparties




Contessa Commodities specializes in covering the supply chain for Biodiesel producers and stakeholders within the industry. Our focus lies on Biodiesel itself, the feedstocks used in production and the by-products steming from blending obligations. 

Biodiesel Blends and By-Products:


  • RME

  • SME

  • TME

  • FAME

  • Glycerin (Crude & Refined)

  • HVO

Feedstocks and Vegetable Oils:

  • Soy

  • UCO - Used Cooking Oil

  • RSO - Rapeseed

  • Tallow

  • Fatty Acids

  • Greases

  • Methanol

  • Catalysts

Blending Obligation Tickets:

BioTickets are paper products which can be used by players as a substitute for physical biofuel in blending obligations. One advantage of using BioTickets is its ability in reducing the time and effort required for blending physical products. This can be especially interesting more for Mid to Small Size players in still offering a sustainable and economic alternative to physical blending which could be more expensive in for them in some cases. Contessa Commodities is currently active on HVO, ETOH, BioNaphta, HBEs, RTFCs, Quoten and UER certificates.



In addition to helping the cycle of sourcing and selling of Biogas, Contessa Commodites also helps producers across Europe by sourcing their feedstock needs, including:

  • Crude Glycerin

  • Pellets

  • Meal

  • Grains

  • Fats



Contessa Commodities is always there to aid businesses during transactions and can help reduce costs through rebates on the costs incurred through international trade. This opens the door not only to the Environmental Commodities markets but general goods and services as a whole. 

We also offer advisory services on risk management, supply planning, forecasting and tailored procurement solutions.

General Enquiries

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We aim to create long lasting relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and striving for customer satisfaction. By doing so, we aim to remain a loyal service provider and partner as they grow and develop into new markets. 

We are an independent broker and as such offer and guarantee transparency and confidentiality to our clients.

We are always committed to fostering sustainable and responsible business practices. At CTC, we promote ideas and deals based on merit in an objective and unbiased way.